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Acknowledgement and Agreement by Player

1.  As a condition of registering as a player with World Tavern Trivia, the Player hereby acknowledges and agrees to the release and indemnification of World Tavern Entertainment according to the following terms:

2.  The term "product" as used herein includes but is not limited to any services, products or supplies provided or sold by the World Tavern Poker Tour to the Player/Purchaser.

3.  The Seller of this product makes no warranty or representation, implied or otherwise, about the legality of purchasing or using this product in any state, municipality, or other jurisdiction. Because the laws and regulations of each jurisdiction vary regarding gaming activities and gambling, the Seller encourages any and all purchasers to investigate the legality of using this product in your jurisdiction. ANY AND ALL USE OF THIS PRODUCT IS AT THE RISK OF THE PURCHASER.

4.  The Seller shall in no event have obligations or liabilities to the Purchaser or any other person or entity for loss of profits, loss of use or incidental, special or consequential damages, whether based on contract, tort (including negligence), criminal liability, strict liability or any other theory or form of action, even if the Seller has been advised of the possibility thereof, arising out of or in connection with the sale, delivery, use, or performance of this product, or any failure or delay in connection with any of the foregoing.

5.  The Player understands and agrees that if the Bar/Restaurant is ultimately responsible for updating scores accurately and while the league will do its best to ensure scores are updated accurately, they cannot be held responsible. As well, if a bar fails to fulfill its contract with World Tavern, World Tavern reserves the right to remove any scores and/or prizes that may have been accumulated during the season in which the contract was not fulfilled.

6.  World Tavern Entertainment reserves the right to change prize offerings and/or locations of special events without notice.

7.  The Player hereby acknowledges and agrees to the above terms, which hold the Seller harmless for any obligation or liabilities in connection with the use of this product.

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